About Joseph D’Airo

I believe that we all receive Divine guidance from Spirit, but, maybe the Spirits around me just talk a bit louder.

I have been communicating with the Spirit realm since I was a child, though it wasn’t until I was in my twenties that I began to study with my mentor, Pat Longo. As a psychic medium, I channel Loved Ones from Heaven, Angels, and Spiritual Guides. The Spirits that I channel are those who desire to give messages of guidance and healing. I am extremely grateful that Spirit chooses to speak through me and I am amazed every day with how Spirit chooses to express those messages and to support us all as we continue to journey through the beautiful experiences that life has to offer us.

In addition to providing messages from Spirit through readings and healings, I also express this communication through artwork. As I connect with these spiritual entities, whether they are Angels, Guides, loved ones, or simply visions of a higher realm, I translate what I see and feel onto paper or canvas.

I know my journey of channeling Spirit and offering healing will never end, and I will never stop learning about the vast Universe that we are a part of. This is who I am, what I have the pleasure to be a part of, and I know all of this is a just a small piece of the bigger picture that we have created together, for the highest good of all.

Your choices now are
going to lead you to the future.
Know that any decision you make
is the perfect one.

Private Readings, Group & Gallery Readings, Spiritual Healings and Workshops

One-on-one sessions where you receive messages and guidance from spirit.

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